Welcome to Nyaman Living Limited!


We are very excited to welcome you to our first blog post and the opening of Nyaman Living. 

Who are we? 

Nyaman Living is a family business importing handmade artisanal bespoke furniture from Indonesia. Nyaman Living is run by Adam and Ita. Adam has lived in Indonesia for many years working to protect the forests through the development of sustainable forest management practices and certification working with private and public sector.  Ita is Indonesian, she grew up in Java and Kalimantan, and she is passionate about her country and interior design. We now split our time between Indonesia and the UK. Our home in the UK is in Dorset and in Indonesia we source and live in Java and Bali.  

Why choose Nyaman Living ? 

Our mission is to supply beautiful artisanal bespoke designed products created by the skilled designers and craftsman of the Indonesian whilst caring for the environment.  We responsibly source all raw material and work in partnership with our suppliers to design products that will last many generations and not harm the environment.  We work in partnership with our suppliers to ensure all products will last for many years if not a lifetime and all production is based on the concept of the Circular Economy. To help in our mission we have developed our Nyaman Sourcing Programme (NSP) the aim of the NSP is to work to protect the forests and support local communities in Indonesia.  

What is the Nyaman Foundation ? 

In addition to our sourcing and manufacturing goals we are also creating the Nyaman Foundation. The foundation will use a percentage of our profits to fund projects and support local Non-Government Organisation in Indonesia and the United Kingdom. The aim of the foundation is to focus on environmental protection and community livelihood projects.  We will keep updates on the outcomes of the Foundation in our newsletters and blog – stay in touch or please sign up for our newsletters.   

Thank you for your interest and we are very excited for the future of Nyaman Living and Nyaman Foundation and we hope that you will join us in our journey.