Use our Baskets to help reduce your plastic use

Welcome to our first blog of 2019, and our first sale for the year, which focuses on our baskets – (please use the coupon ‘ Basket ‘ for 20% off when purchasing one of our basket ranges).

We hope that our baskets will help reduce the use of plastic in your home. In December 2018 the Governor of Bali announced that in 2019 the island will ban the use of Single Use Plastics. This is a much-needed piece of legislation because the plastic pollution build-up in the sea and beaches in South East Asia is a growing problem.  https://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2018/12/25/bali-enacts-plastics-ban-targeting-70-percent-reduced-use-in-2019.html

Closer to home our range of baskets has been chosen to help you reduce your plastic use and your single-use plastic items in your life. We have many sizes and designs that will fit your needs and add a beautiful alternative to plastic bags and boxes around your home.

The importance of the global plastic problem and how our choices can help fix the problem is best explained by Sir David Attenborough in the Blue Planet Series 

The scale of global issues such as plastic use and pollution can be daunting and it is hard to know what can be done and what effect our individual decisions will have.

We can only hope any small thing we can do will bring positive change. By using our responsibly sourced and manufactured baskets, Nyaman Living gives you a stylish well-designed option.

Link to our Sale – here : https://nyamanliving.co.uk/product-category/baskets/

Please use the coupon – Basket – to claim your 20% sale discount

Thank you.