Suar – The Rain Tree - Albizia Saman 

Suar – The Rain Tree - Albizia Saman 

The botanical names of Suar wood are Saman Samanea, Inga Saman and Albizia Saman. In English its also called the Rain Tree, East Indian Walnut, Giant Thibet or Monkey Pod. It is been given the common name the “Rain Tree”, or “Five 0’Clock Tree” (Pukul Lima in Malay) because during the rainy season, every evening around 5 pm, all the leaves fold. This allows the rain to reach the ground around the tree during the night. It is thought the tree does this to irrigates it’s own roots. You can often find a green circle of grass around Rain Trees. 

Suar trees have an amazing characteristic: 

  1. Fast Growing
    Suar trees grow fast. – Suar is not an endangered species. It grows fast, and it can be harvest in very short rotations. Suar is easily managed so its use has no negative impact on the environment. 
  2. Beautifully strong grain
    Suar wood has a special grain that makes strong furniture. – Suar trees grows with a characteristic interlocking grain. This natural criss-cross pattern reduces the possibilities of large splits because of climatic changes. The natural qualities of Suar make it a perfect choice for strong furniture. 
  3. Large Species
    Because of its size, we can use Suar to build large items of furniture – Can you imagine a 2m long and 12cm thick table-top? Could this huge table-top have no joints? Could it be a single big piece of wood? Welcome to the world of Suar furniture. Suar is the ideal wood to design spectacular furniture. 
  4. Low maintenance required
    Suar furniture is easy to look after – To look after Suar wood like a pro, all you need is a standard wood oil. You will find it at your local supermarket. To look after Suar furniture, you don’t need strange chemicals or expensive products. 

Maintenance Questions  


If Suar furniture does see enough sun over a couple of years, a black layer can appear on the surface. Don’t panic.  

This blackish layer is natural and easy to remove. All you need to do is rubbing the surface with a dry cloth. That’s it, the back layer is gone!  To remove the black layer you don’t need expensive products, rubbing is enough. 


 Because of its size, Suar wood has a high moisture content.  

Even after we put the wood in a kiln dry oven, Suar normal moisture content is still higher than 30%. With time, and even with the perfect construction, small cracks can appear. This is one of the characteristics of Suar wood and most of our customers ask us to sell them table-tops with small cracks. The cracks in the suar grain give the furniture the characteristic natural feel.  The beauty of Suar wood lies in its organic natural shapes and its natural beauty.