Responsibly Sourced
Responsibly Sourced


Our mission is to supply beautiful artisanal bespoke designed furniture to you whilst caring for the environment. We responsibly source all raw material and work in partnership with our suppliers to design products that will last many generations and not harm the environment. We have created our Nyaman Sourcing Programme (NSP) to work with our suppliers and all production is based on the concept of the Circular Economy.
Responsibly Sourced


Nyaman Living will work to reduce the risks of illegally harvested or illegally traded forest products entering the supply chain. We source goods from Indonesia and so all timber is certified to the INDO-TLAS/Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu (SVLK) certification scheme in line with the EU VPA and FLEGT process.
Our aim is to be 100% transparent in our supply telling the story of the supply and the production and where appropriate have sources certified against internationally recognised environmental certification standards.
Our foundation principles ensure:
1) All sources are legally harvested

2) No source is harvested in violation of traditional and human rights

3) No source from forests in which high conservation values are threatened by management activities

4) No source from forests being converted to plantations and non-forest use

5) No source is a CITES listed species


All our sourcing and production is focused on high quality and or recycled material. We work with our suppliers and designers to:
• Design out waste and pollution
• Keep products and materials in prolonged use
• Recycle material in production
Responsibly Sourced

Nyaman Foundation

In addition to our sourcing and manufacturing goals we are also creating the Nyaman Foundation. The foundation will use a percentage of our profits to fund projects and support local Non-Government Organisation in Indonesia and the United Kingdom. The aim of the foundation is to focus on environmental protection and community livelihood projects.  We will keep updates on the outcomes of the Foundation in our newsletters and blog.