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Our Story

Nyaman Living is a family business importing artisanal handmade bespoke furniture from Indonesia. We, Ita and Adam, established the company in the summer 2018. Nyaman is a Bahasa Indonesian word meaning comfort or cosy and is a philosophy we incorporate in our designs and materials.

Indonesia and United Kingdom are our homes splitting time between Dorset and Java/ Bali. Ita is Indonesian and grew up in Kalimantan and Java. Adam is British and has lived in Asia for the last 20 years working in environmental protection and forest certification. We created Nyaman Living to follow our passion of interior design, environment protection and responsible trade.

The world has changed, and now small and medium sized companies are able to source, trade and manufacture responsibly whilst offering full transparency to customers. Our mission is to supply artisanal bespoke design furniture to our customers whilst safeguarding the environment. We responsibly source all raw material and work in partnership with our suppliers to design products that will last many generations and not harm the environment. It is the aim of Nyaman Living to ensure we are fully transparent in our sourcing and manufacturing so that our clients can make an informed choice when they purchase from us.

In addition to our sourcing and manufacturing goals, we have created the Nyaman Foundation. The foundation will use a percentage of our profits to fund small scale projects and support local Non-Government Organisation in Indonesia and the United Kingdom. The aim of the foundation will be to focus on environmental protection and community projects, primarily focused on education for deprived children.

About Us
About Us