3 Simple ways to brighten your home this Spring.

Expert interior designers and organizer such as Marie Kondo , Jeffrey Philip a NYC-based interior designer and Melissa B. Rodgers an interior stylist based in Kansas City all agreed that ambience we create in our home is important because it directly affects our overall mood and boosts our energy for all our daily activities.

Winter Flowers

So,  thought you may like 3 Simple ways to brighten your home this Spring. Now that the winter flowers are starting to disappear it is time to bring into your homes colourful Spring flowers. Taking advantage of these fresh flowers to brighten your home and get ready for summer.

Following our previous blog decluttering your home, here are our suggestions for the next step to boost your health, happiness and wellbeing:

  1. Bring outdoors into your home: cutting fresh flowers, leaves, fruits and branches. Use our baskets as your vase for your fresh flowers and wood cooper bowl for fresh
    Spring flowers with Silver


  2. Inspired by Spring beautiful flowers, to maintain colourful spring flowers throughout the year in your home, decorate your home with our handcrafted colourful flower design furniture and accessories featuring pretty pastel tones or bold floral and botanical pattern like this Biru Antik dresser with tonal hues blues, greens and yellows have a gentler effect when used together. Also, our wonderful series of hand-carved headboards and wall panels – a nice option for spring are Spring Flowers Panels 
Antik Dresser
Spring Flower Wall Panel




Mirror will bring more lights and brighten your room and enhance affects our overall mood, especially with sunny spring coming, it will double our energy to do our activities at home and work. Nyaman Living has many varieties of mirrors will bring lights into your home.

  1. Bring the Spring smells into your home with live plants such as Gardenia flowers, Jasmine Flowers, Lily or Roses flowers. And light your favourite smells Candles in your candle holders with Lemongrass Verbena candles, Orange Bergamot, Cherryblossom, Lavender, or our Cinnamon bowls will fill your home with a sweet scene.






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